Gardening Gloves by Bradley′s the Tannery

Bradley′s independent tannery was set up in 1984 and has built a reputation for quality. The gardening gloves are made of suede leather and fully lined for comfort. The cuffs of the gauntlets are full saddle hide, making them highly durable.

Garden gauntletsunisize, black leather cuff£35
Garden glovessmall, large£13.50
knitted cuffed glovessmall, large£15
  • The toughness of the gauntlet gloves will not only protect skin from thorny ramblers (roses or brambles!) but is just as useful for protecting long sleeved garments even on lighter jobs.
  • Due to the nature of the tanning and the natural dyes that are used, there can be some variation in colour and texture of the leather.