Gardener′s Bothy Woodchip - a chip off the old block!

Woodchip makes excellent mulch for garden borders, helping to suppress weeds and conserve moisture in the soil. It is a mixture of chipped twig and leaf, a by-product of our forestry operations that has been left for up to six months to partially compost.

We can also supply a chip made entirely from round wood (no twig or leaf) that is suitable for garden paths.

Chipped Wood - bag£3
Chipped wood per m3£40
Compost woodchip - bag£3
Compost woodchip per m3£40
  • It is advisable to apply partially composted woodchip as a mulch due the microbial action of composting generating heat. If uncomposted material is applied as a mulch around plants, the heat given off can quite literally scorch and even kill plants. In addition to this, nitrifying bacteria tend to migrate to the mulch material and metabolise this organic matter, as a result reducing the usable nitrogen available in the soil for plants.
  • Please ask us for advice as to which is the best product for your project - individual tree, hedging or plantation and we can provide the right combination of guard, stake or cane for your trees.