Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Mary Poppins was right - feed the birds!

Numbers of our once common garden birds are in decline, so why not offer them a helping hand and attract them to your garden by providing a regular source of food during the winter months and into the Spring when adult birds require more food for their young.

Bothy birch log feeders The Gardener′s Bothysilver birch timber collected as a by-product of our forestry operations stuffed with energy and nutrient rich peanut cake£4
Spiral feederWildlife WorldMetal coil that can be pulled open to insert fat ball or nesting wool£3
Window or wall feederWildlife worldHeight 20cm

Width 18.5cm

Depth 8cm,

for wall use remove suction cups

  • During the breeding season, food provided for birds should be fat rich and moisture rich: baby birds quickly dehydrate and die.
  • Position bird feeders in a sheltered and easily visible location to maximise opportunities for bird visiting and bird watching
  • All the bird feeders can be refilled with more bird cake or seed and also kitchen scraps.