Ladybird Tower


Protect your natural defence force! Ladybird larvae and adults have voracious appetites for aphids. Provide them with a place to hibernate and improve their survival rates. Site these towers in a sheltered spot near your precious plants to promote a fast response against sap-sucking garden enemies.

Lacewings are another great insect friend of the gardener who can make use of these shelters. Greenfly, blackfly - be very afraid!

WidthDepthHeight DetailsCost
14cm10cm28cmconstructed from birch and oak or larch£12
  • Made with FSC timber. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This organisation promotes responsible management of forests. Any product with its logo on assures you that you are buying a product made with timber from a well-managed forest.
  • The central core of the tower is filled with natural material to provide insulation against the elements. Holes drilled at an upward angle give the insects access while preventing water penetration.