A fine range of twines for every occasion

Twines by Nutscene

The Gardener′s Bothy stocks a range of these traditional twines that are synonymous with good gardening and which are eco-friendly: you can then add them to your compost when you have finished using them.

Classic Green Twist3 ply: 80m£2.50
Natural Jute3 ply: 110m£2.50
Raffia200g hank£3.50
Tiddler Twine3 ply: 16m75p each or 3 for £2
Tiddler Twine Gift Pack8 tiddler twines, various colours£6
Retro String in a Tin 3 ply (No.3) thickness: 150m£7
Tin O′Twine3 ply (No.3) thickness: 150m, various colours£7
Dolly Snippet packcuts twine without an exposed blade£10
Candy twist twine100m£6.50
Chunky spool90m approx, height 14.5cm£8.50
Twirly twine pack15m per spool

7cm x 11cm x 3cm

  • Jute and raffia are natural fibres. They are totally biodegradable and renewable. Recent research reports that jute has a more efficient carbon dioxide assimilation rate than trees.
  • Jute has been imported to Scotland since the industrial revolution and has a particular association with Dundee where it has developed into the versatile material we use today. Nutscene still use their original machinery first used in 1922! Raffia has also long been used in gardening and floristry for a multitude of decorative and binding uses.