Weaving course dates for 2023

A taste of things to come. Details to follow in the new year . .

Friday 14th April – Bird themed: Bird Feeder and Small Bird Sculpture

Saturday 15th – Obelisk and Shrub Support

Friday 21st April – Obelisk and Shrub Support

Saturday 22nd April - Bee Sculpture

Friday 12th May – Lampshade (RE)

Saturday 13th May – Straw work (RS)

Saturday 20th May – Hazel Hurdle Panel (DA)

Friday 8th September – Berry Basket (RE)

Saturday 9th September – Flower Trug

Friday 22nd September – Random Weave Tree

Saturday 23rd September – Obelisk and Advent Globe

Friday 3rd November – Rustic Round Asymmetric Basket

Saturday 4th November - Rustic Round Asymmetric Basket

Friday 10th November – Spindly Form Reindeer

Saturday 11th November – Christmas Tree Skirt

Friday 17th November – Seasonal Decorations

Saturday 18th November – Obelisk and Reindeer

Friday 24th November – Trophy Reindeer

Saturday 25th November – Seasonal Decorations 

Friday 7th December – Natural Wreaths

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